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Creating, structuring customer service, save time and satisfy your customers.

What to expect from our “Customer Service – Customer Loyalty” service?

Our services are designed to help your business grow quickly. We provide practical help. You save time and money.

Analysis of the current situation

Your current organization is to respect to go further and even better satisfy your customers.


Analyze the contribution of digital to better understand the customer and automate certain tasks.

Listen client

With the customer-oriented approach, listening to the customer is necessary.


Recommendation of tools to improve the current process and save even more time. Project management and assistance in deploying and managing software.

Specific solution

Each customer service has a mission and objectives. We take into account the existing and we offer the solution that guarantees the satisfaction of your customers and the achievement of your objectives.

Action tracking

Establishment of monitoring indicators. Assistance and correction of actions if necessary to achieve objectives.

Your specific solution: efficient organization, response to your goal, customer satisfaction

How do we do it?

You are thinking about improving or creating your customer service, or you want to:

  • Give your salespeople more time while ensuring an effective presence with your customers.
  • know your clients’ plans and get involved early.
  • Free up more time to your customer service so that it focuses more on the relationship with your customers.
  • reduce your deadlines (issuing quotes, processing invoices, orders …)

We discuss with you your current organization, the missions of your customer service, the expectations of them, the actions already carried out so far to satisfy your customers.

Once we know more about your business, we start creating the customized plan for your customer service, validate it, and execute it. You can consult our general approach to find out more.

Our team dedicated know how
Create and Structureeffectively customer service

Notre mission commence par la définition de votre objectif. Nous sommes engagés dans vos projets de la définition de votre objectif jusqu’à votre satisfaction.

Nous vous proposons une nouvelle organisation (création ou réorganisation) qui respecte votre environnement de travail, les attentes de vos clients et nous vous aidons à la mettre en œuvre.

Notre équipe hautement qualifiée sait se mobiliser, travailler 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7, pour que vous obteniez les résultats souhaités en peu de temps.

Tout est planifié avec soin pour pouvoir travailler sur plusieurs angles en même temps.

Other users say of our services:

We help any kind of business to create or structure customer service – that’s why everyone loves our services.

We badly need to set up a customer service. Our customers complain about processing times and responses. We just needed a few hours of consulting with the Win Lead and Grow Sales team. Their recommendation was effective we were able to implement ourselves and now our customers congratulate us! Thank you!

Ariel Strain

Local Business Owner, Vasigrad

We help our clients structure their customer service and perform administrative tasks. We had a lot of work. So I decided to work with the service Win Leads and Grow Sales. The team quickly understood the client’s situation and proposed an organization with tools to save time. My client and his clients are satisfied. Thank you!

Victoria Rin

Make-up Business, GlammyQueen

Create or structure your customer service – Keep your customers loyal

Why is creating or structuring customer service so important to you and your business?


More satisfied customers

You will have more satisfied customers in a few months. It is easy to measure this rate of customer satisfaction.


Effective organization

Automate some tasks and spend more time with customers.


More order

Save time by automating certain tasks, means more availability for customers and more orders.


Assistance and training

We accompany you in the implementation of the new organization or we train your staff.



What is customer service?

Customer service is a service whose mission is to assist customers. Depending on the industry or service activity area, it can be found under the name “Sales Administration” or “Customer Service”. Customer service tasks vary from one company to another. It can be autonomous or attached to the commercial management, according to the organizations.


Quels sont les étapes de la création ou de la restructuration?

Nous commencons par comprendre votre projet, puis nous analysons la situation actuelle, en rencontrant le personnel en charge de l’exécution des tâches et quelques clients si nécessaires. Nous vous proposons votre solution spécifique répondant à vos ambitions et attentes clients. Nous mettons en œuvre selon votre volonté.


Est-ce que vous garantissez un résultat?

Oui. Les résultats peuvent être des outils mis en places pour améliorer un procéssus. Il est facile d’évaluer la situation avant et celle après, le gain de temps et la satisfaction de vos clients. Ainsi, si vous ne voyez aucun résultat dans les 30 premiers jours, vous pouvez demander le remboursement de votre argent.


Is the creation or structuring of a service expensive?

Not at all! Compared to your profits the cost is ridiculous. We can discuss with you your project, propose a personalized plan according to your budget. Then you can set it up alone with your team, or benefit from our assistance for the implementation and training of your team at your own pace.


What are the tools?

The tools are usually market software, Excel tables, Word document templates that we set up to automate certain tasks. We can not know in advance what tools you will need. We ensure the training of your staff to the grip. 


After how long do you expect results?

Our proposal is already a first result. In addition to that, you will have the results of the implementation. For some services, the results are faster than for others. During the first month, you should already see significant improvements for your business.

You save time and ensure the satisfaction of your customers

As soon as you start working with us, your customers start by complimenting you automatically. We are serious and we are committed to your projects until you reach your goals.

We also offer guarantees. Contact us for more details.

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