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Whatever your field of expertise, Win Leads and Grow Sales uses the customer-oriented approach (your customers are at the center of our thoughts), specific tools designed by us, and digital. This is how we achieve your goals together.

Win customers:

Win Leads and Grow Sales’ know-how in marketing management and support for business leaders, combined with carefully selected tools, earns you customers in record time. Depending on your situation and purpose, we design your specific solution to win new customers or win back lost customers.

We intervene from the preparation to the marketing – Marketing, until the prospection. We prospect for you, or we train your staff. Entrust us your projects and to see them advance.

  • Strategic marketing
  • Services marketing
  • Plan Marketing
  • From strategy to commercial action plan
  • Automation of marketing for prospecting

Develop your sales:

Win Leads and Grow Sales has years of experience in sales development and sales management. Our expertise covers:

  • Customer portfolio analysis,
  • Precise targeting with “Sales Intelligence” tools,
  • The definition of the commercial strategy,
  • The creation of the commercial action plan,
  • The establishment of additional and / or cross sales.

Always with specific tools to your situation, to increase your commercial performance.


Customer service

Win Leads and Grow Sales has years of experience in creating and managing customer service. Our expertise covers well,

  • The implementation of customer service to reduce the time of processing quotes, invoices, creation of tariff catalog,
  • Responsiveness when processing customer requests.
  • Listen to customer
  • Satisfaction of Customers

Our particularity is also to help you form your customer service and put you in the effective place tools to strengthen proximity with your customers, reduce customer waiting time, while spending as small amount of time as possible.


Digital Marketing

Win Leads and Grow Sales puts at your disposal its expertise in digital marketing – Digital marketing, SEO, SMM …

Going from the definition of your digital strategy, at its implementation our intervention covers:

  • Website creation
  • SEO
  • Connections
  • Sales tunnel creation
  • Account Creation and Social Network Management
  • definition and application of the content strategy …

Today, digital is everywhere. Our expertise in the technical fields allows us to qualify several solutions to offer you the best answer to your situation.



Our training is practical and covers all our fields of expertise. We want all participants to leave with useful information sheets enabling them to implement the acquired know-how.

We are training organizations.

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