Training for Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium-sized businesses

Marketing training, web marketing, sales, customer service catalog or tailor-made.

What to expect from our training service?

Our training services are practical. They are designed for your business to grow quickly. You save time and money.

Practical training

The best of formations is that practiced on a real case that consumes us directly. We offer several tools that can be used directly during your training.

Inter or Intra Training

Catalog trainings can take place at home, in small groups, or at our premises (maximum of 10 participants).

E-learning training

Available on the online training platform, you can register and follow your training at your own pace.

Digital marketing training

Digital is essential and evolves quickly. In this jungle, we offer training courses with the appropriate oruils to achieve our training objectives.

Marketing Training

They bring together all the stages of preparation for sale. Consult our catalog.

Customer Service Training

Concerns the improvement of the serice client to better satisfy the customers. Introduce us your project.

We design your specific training solution.

How do we do it?

You seek practical training in marketing, marketing services, web marketing, sales, or customer service, or you wish to:

  • train your sales people in digital methods.
  • train your sales support team in digital marketing.
  • set up a sales tunnel or automate your marketing.

We direct you to a training of our catalog or we discuss with you your specific need and we design the training for you according to your specifications.

We start to create the personalized plan for your training, you validate it, then we design the training modules.

Our team dédiée know how
design training who answer to your needs.

Notre mission commence par la définition de votre objectif. Nos formations sont pratiques et portent sur tous nos domaines d’expertises. Nous tenons à ce que tous les participants partent avec des fiches utiles, leur permettant de mettre en œuvre le savoir-faire acquis.

Notre équipe hautement qualifiée sait se mobiliser, travailler 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7, pour que vous obteniez les résultats souhaités en peu de temps.

Tout est planifié avec soin pour pouvoir travailler sur plusieurs angles en même temps.

Other users say of our services:

We help everyone to sell more and make more money – that’s why everyone loves our digital marketing services.

I am in the process of creating my company and I wanted to follow this training on the Vision, Mission and values ​​of the company. I am pleased to have completed this training. I appreciated the step-by-step approach to finding the vision, mission and values ​​of my company. I can easily say what I bring to my clients.

I loved this training and more specifically the worksheets!
I like the steps structured and step by step. And, this training filled me. Thank you!

Nikki Rodriguez

Entrepreneur, NikkRod

I recommend this training on marketing automation. It is the most complete of all that I could have in this field. I understood the basics of the strategy to generate leads .. and especially the tools to use. I enjoyed the practice! Thank you so much!

John Missam

Entrepreneur, JMissam


Why is training so important to your staff and your business?


More ease in practice

The training is a springboard. It helps you reach your goals faster. In addition to our training is practical that you apply the concepts discussed on your specific case.


Tools - Practical Training

Training materials are tools that can be used directly.


Reflection on your situation

Participants can share their thoughts with you. You improve your processes following your training.


Quality training

We implement for & nbsp; your specific business development training remains effective.



What is practical training?

Practical training refers to training with a theoretical part and necessarily a practical part important on your case. We consider that training must be useful and provide the essential elements that can be exploited. That’s why the practical part of the training is about your situation.


How is training done?

We offer training on catalog or custom. The approach is different in both cases. Each training request is unique and different. We listen to you even if the training is in the catalog and we check at the end if the training objective has been reached. For tailor-made training, the process is longer and take the time you need.


Do you guarantee results?

Yes. We agree on your results, since we meet you before the training. If you have not been able to use the concepts covered during the training, or at the deadline, you can request a refund, according to the terms and conditions.


Is your practical training expensive?

Not at all ! To compare to your gains, the tools you will have, the direct use that you make of them, that does not represent much.
We discuss with you a personalized plan according to your budget.
Benefits can not be compared to cost.


What does e-learning training bring me?

The e-learning courses, allow you to follow a training alone in front of your computer. You download the tools and you follow the training at your own pace. Platforms have a question / answer session. You ask your question and we will answer it.


After how long do you expect a result?

The results are immediate. We took stock with you hot after the training and then three months later.

You probably increase your turnover

As soon as you start working with us, you will generate more customers and automatically more sales. We are serious and we are committed to your projects until you reach your goals.

We also offer guarantees. Contact us for more details.

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