What is marketing automation?

Marketing Automation is a tool to help generate leads and understand your customers. All companies have a challenge: it is to offer the best products and services to their customers and to acquire more and more customers. In a word, to be absolutely necessary for its customers. In this context, the automation of marketing makes it possible to detect the interests of the customers, the stage where they are in the phase of acquisition of a good or a service, to be able to bring them the solution to which they are wait.

The magic of marketing automation

It is a very small amount of investment in marketing automation to generate remarkable results that will drive your business to the top. Since the method is based on the data, it is possible to analyze the results to get an ideas of its effectiveness. The following example will clear you up. According to Salesforce, 67% of marketing managers use marketing automation, 21% plan to implement a new marketing automation platform next year. In addition, 82% of marketers found a positive return on investment through marketing automation. They stated that the use of marketing automation makes them more efficient. All insist on saving time in identifying the need of prospects and customer acquisition.

Medium Business: Marketing Automation Actions on Your Outcome

The results are noticeable from a week, at worst one month after implementation. For example, for a company with an estimated annual turnover of one million, the increase in sales should be around 10% per year, for an investment in marketing automation of 2% and 5% of total revenues. Note that such a system does not produce results at the full potential immediately. Thus, as the process is implemented, monitoring should allow for quick management of change management issues and allow employees to migrate their repetitive tasks to the tool for reflection. strategic.

Small Business: Marketing Automation Tips

f you do not know it yet, marketing automation is the solution for small business success. In 2015, a report from Salesforce-Pardot reported that small businesses that used marketing automation had increased their revenue by 34 percent on average. However, it is not enough to have a marketing automation tool to generate results. The acquisition of such a tool is a first and big step, the second is its use and the whole organization to set up.

The need to have a specialist marketing automation consultant

First, acquiring a marketing automation tool is a necessary condition to achieve your business goals. Then it is necessary to realize the implementation and to succeed with your teams. This implementation represents the analysis and management of automated tasks. Finally, an automated system is effective when human monitoring can detect discrepancies and improve the system as quickly as possible.

Example of a simple marketing automation system:

1- The goal is to sell digital products

2- The system to be put in place consists of:

a capture page,
a sales page,
an order confirmation page,
a download page of the gift to offer
another capture page and finally
the thank you page
3- The principle is as follows:

the user is attracted by your gift (digital product offered)
he enters his coordinates in the page of capture, after validation, he receives by mail his download. Your goal being to sell, your prospect just starts his journey with you.
The automation takes care of the continuation, it sends him information on the product which you market, then, proposes then the offer.
– If the prospect buys he becomes a customer,
– If he does not buy the system continues to send him information, study if he remains interested, send him discount coupons see if he acts out, send him information and then propose again the product.
If he does not buy, he is excluded from the system,
if he finally buys, the system offers him the second product (second capture page).
What is easily presented here will take hours to implement. So, help yourself! Contact us!